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  • The Lagenda B322 is a professional machine that inflates and sizes for two balloons simultaneously. It has rapidly become the balloon inflator of choice for many of the top balloon artists in the world. It is designed to inflate 11-inch and 12-inch round and linking balloons as well as 646/660 non-round balloons. It can also inflate modeling balloons and 5/6-inch balloons quickly and easily (although the sizing is not as precise as it’s sibling, the B231)

    Some of our favorite features of the Lagenda B322 are:

    • It can inflate two balloons to different sizes
    • It can be triggered by either a foot switch or a simple button
    • You can inflate balloons “freeform” without the timer by holding down the button or foot switch
    • It has an always-on fan that keeps the machine from overheating when inflating hundreds and hundreds of balloons one after the other
    • It’s fast!
    • The counter keeps track of what you inflate and the count can be adjusted if a balloon pops
    • It is a solidly-built metal machine
    • It comes with a snazzy case

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